Mechanical Installation and Electrical Wiring

Open a 113x113mm square hole in the screen cabinet, push the product into the square holes from the front of the screen, insert the attached fasteners into the installation slots, and tighten the screws to fix it on the screen.

Electrical wiring: accurate electrical wiring according to the schematic diagram of electrical wiring and output terminals on the controller
Diagram of Product Controlled (with controller) Diagram of Product Wiring
Wiring Diagram of Hybrid Compensation
Wiring Diagram of Co-compensation
YD-8CT Secondary Current Transformer

Description of Secondary Current Transformer (Secondary CT)
The secondary CT is used in the intelligent capacitor automatic control system (without controller), and the secondary CT has been integrated into the controller, so no additional configuration is required. The secondary CT converts the secondary current of the primary current transformer into a current signal for current sampling. One system is equipped with one secondary CT: the networking system with split compensation is equipped with a three-phase current transformer CT3;the networking system only with co-compensation is equipped with a single-single current transformer C1.

Wiring Requirements

Specification of connecting wire between product and power supply:
Primary wiring: power cord, requiring full amount standard multicore copper conductor;
Secondary wiring: external indicator line, controller line and through-hole secondary current transformer;
Data line: data line between products;
Grounding wire: the product is connected to the external grounding terminal and uses a single copper conductor.