YD-9CK-100 Low-voltage Reactive Power Compensation Controller

YD-9CK-100 low-voltage reactive power compensation controller (controller for short), a new generation developed by our company, is based on various technologies of reactive power automatic compensation controller at home and abroad. With attractive design, it has full functions and full Chinese LCD menu. It’s flexible to install and apply the controller, and also it’s easy to operate it.

The controller uses RS-485 communication to connect with the intelligent integrated power capacitor produced by the company, with high integration degree, beautiful appearance, and universal instrument size. The controller has convenient installation and extremely simple wiring. Thus, the production efficiency and overall product quality are improved.

Functions and Features

1. Display Function
The Chinese LCD display, showing up to 30 intelligent integrated capacitors status, can display various operating parameters and setting parameters.
Touch key control is elegant and beautiful.
2. Parameter Setting Function
Setting various protection value: overvoltage protection, overvoltage lockout and undervoltage protection.
Setting various switching limit: delay time, input and cut-off threshold quantity.
Setting the ration of sampling current transformer
3. Measuring Function
The polarity of the sampling transformer is automatically determined. No polarity requirement when accessing.
Distribution voltage Current Power factor Active power Reactive power measurement
4. Control Function
Automatic and manual control of capacitor switching. When in automatic control, the switching is performed according to the controlled physical quantity-reactive power.
For capacitors with the same capacity, the switching control system is circulatory. The switching control system of capacitors with different capacities is coding control in accordance with the reactive power shortage.
Simultaneously control up t 30 intelligent integrated power capacitors.
5. Protection Function
Harmonic protection, overvoltage protection, overvoltage lockout, undervoltage protection, open-phase protection and undercurrent protection.
6. Signal Function
Displaying the operation and stop signal of each capacitor, and its capacity signal
Displaying the over-limit signal of distribution parameters (overvoltage, undervoltage and undercurrent, etc.)
Displaying the fault signal of controller itself or capacitor

Operating Environment

Relative humidity:20%~90%; Ambient temperature:-25~70°C; Altitude≤2000m; No flammable medium, conductive dust and corrosive gas.

Technical Parameter

1. Technical Parameters
Operating voltage:AC 220V or 380V Voltage deviation: ±20% Sampling current: ≤5A Power consumption: <5W Nominal frequency: 50Hz ± 5% Input impedance: ≤0.2Ω
2. Measurement Accuracy

Voltage: ≤±0.5% (in the range of 80%~120% nominal voltage) Current: ≤±1.0% (in the range of 80%~120% nominal voltage) Power factor:≤±1.0%
Reactive power:≤±2
Temperature: ≤1°C

3. Output Mode

Communication controls output and company's intelligent capacitors. Number of networking units: No. three-phase compensation capacitor ≤10 No. total units (co-compensation and split compensation) ≤30 units;