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  • Power module rating : 25kVA/25kW
  • Power system rating : 25~200kVA Per Frame
  • External redundancy capacity: Parallel up to 4 frames for a total system size of up to 800kVA
  • Input voltage range : 214~520VAC
  • Input frequency range : 214~520VAC
  • Output voltage : 40~70Hz
  • Topology : Double conversion on-line technology,three-level bridge IGBT PWM control
  • Hot swappable power modular design (25kVA each module)
  • Advanced three step control technology. efficiency up to 96% for online mode, 99% for ECO mode
  • Flexible battery configuration, 36-42 pcs configurable
  • Battery voltage configurable from 432~504V by 2V step.
  • Parallel function for N+X redundancy ( Up to 4 UPS) with Wireless parallel technology
  • Adjustable charger current, 25A max for each module
  • Dual input redundancy design
  • 7 inches touch screen, easy to operate
  • PCBA coating for dusty and salty application
  • Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch standard offer
  • CE compliance
  • ได้รับมาตรฐานมอก.1291 เล่ม 1-2553, มอก.1291 เล่ม 2-2553,
    มอก.1291 เล่ม 3-2555
  • ได้รับมาตรฐานสากล ISO9001-2015, ISO14001, RoHs